Skyview's Miss Grey ~~~~

Ah, the lovely Miss Grey...

Miss Grey is one of my favorite Anatolians.  She has presence and personality that is unequaled.  She commands a room and has since she was three weeks old.  Head up, tail up, she doesn't walk - she floats.  She is a dog you can take anywhere and rest assured that she will make everyone notice.  Whether it is by trying to pull her owner's shirt while in the show ring (and she is supposed to be serious), or jumping in the luggage cart at the hotel for a spin.  Or, my favorite, when a judge commented when she was a small puppy, "You have spoiled that dog by baiting her!".  I felt like saying, "Look Pal, it isn't the bait, it isn't about the bait, she doesn't even want the bait - she has been self-confident from the age of two DAYS.  She is all that, and a bag of chips, and I am not going to tell her any different."  Miss Grey has almost finished her Championship - she needs 3 more single points.  Miss Grey is OFA EXCELLENT!!

Miss Grey got the best of both her parents in a delightful, energetic, athletic little package.  She is a daughter of Hilda and Beau.  She is friends with everyone, human or animal - it doesn't matter.  According to Miss Grey, all can adore her.

Grey at 6.5 weeks

Grey at 10 months.

Grey with Duke  (notice the dirty feet and the look on her face)

6 weeks old - same look - the intensity and intelligence this girl has is amazing.  
The connection she has to "her people" is incredibly strong.

And she thinks she is coming in the house with those red clay covered toes...

She is really not helping here.  

Nope, definitely NOT helping.  

What a dynamite front!

And a very nice rear!

Duke playing with Grey

Duke is so patient!

Grey has started her show career.  She took Best of Opposite Sex in the Puppy Sweepstakes at the Anatolian National Specialty in Florida in Fall 2010.  
grey at 6 months

Grey in NC, March 2011

Grey in June 2011 for a major win!

Grey won Best of Breed, Bred by Exhibitor at the Shawnee Kennel Club Show July 16, 2011!!!  She took a 4 point major win in Timonium, MD April 2012!  Below, in May 2012 she took BOB at Mattaponi KC.

Grey BOB Mattaponi 2012

Grey Dec 2011
                                                                  Grey December 2011

Grey March 2012
                                                    Grey March 2012

Some of Grey's kids:  Skyview's Bolt
                                   Skyview's Cinderella "Cinder"
                                   GCH CH Skyview's Aslan Halim "Babar"
                                   Skyview's Rock Star "Rocky"
                                   Skyview's Troublemaker "Trouble"

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