Our Anatolians have been chosen for their temperament, health, structure and working ability.   Anatolians are loyal, brave and very intelligent.  They are our companions and guardians.   Anatolians make wonderful family members and devoted pets provided they are raised and socialized properly.

If you are looking for a new breed or have done your research and want an Anatolian - we would be delighted to talk with you.   Our goal is to make sure people succeed with their puppies and dogs, whether purchased for a pet, show prospect or livestock guardian.  With Skyview Anatolians, you will get the help, advice and training support you need.    Anatolians, like other guardian breeds, are different from your common dog breeds such as Labradors, Goldens and German Shepherds.   Once you own an Anatolian, the other breeds just won't do. 

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