CH Skyview's Bolt~~~~

Bolt is a son of Miss Grey and CH Tamoora's Night Prowler.  He is a delightful dog - very protective, very loving and extremely smart.  He is a fun dog to show - he loves to go places and meet people.  He moves like a dream.  We are excited about Bolt's future and blessed to have him!  Bolt's hips are OFA excellent!  Bolt is now an AKC Champion!  He is also a proud Papa - scroll down to see one of his daughters.  He throws beautiful pups and there were some pintos mixed in with the fawns!  His other litters have been all dark fawns with black masks. 

Bolt 16 months

Bolt at 16 months

Bolt march 2014

Bolt in March 2014 - 19 months old

Bolt moving

Bolt at 19 months - lovely stride


Bolt 19 mo

The boy can move...


Bolt 19 months


Bolt took a MAJOR WIN at his very first dog show at 6 months old!!! 

bolt 6 months

Baby Bolt!


Bolt pictured at 7 months above

Bolt to the rescue...

Bolt Anatolian puppy

Bolt above at 7 months

Bolt - chesapeake

Bolt taking Best of Breed - September 2013

Bolt 12 1/2 months

Bolt at 12 1/2 months of age


Bolt - pat hastings

BOB - October 2013


Bolt va beach

BOB - November 2013

2015 has been a good year thus far for Bolt!  He sired a beautiful litter with an outside dam up in Maryland with lots of color...

Bolts litter in MD

Polly at 5 weeks

One of the troublemakers (soon to be named Polly)

In March 2015, he won Best of Opposite for a major win at the Shenandoah Valley KC show.  In May, he took Best of Winners at the Mattaponi KC show on the 16th.  On the 30th he took Best of Winners and Best of Breed Owner Handled for another major win at the Shawnee KC show and finished his Championship.

Bolt Championship

Bolt's Championship picture with Albert handling!

Also, in May, Skyview welcomed his daughter, Polly, to the crew....

Polly anatolian

Polly at 10 weeks

Polly - Anatolian shepherd

Polly at 10 weeks - the ball is as big as she is!

Other litters Bolt has sired:

Bolt x Angel

Bolt x Angel pups at 7 weeks

Bolt x Markie

Bolt x Markie pups at 6 days

Bolt x Markie pups 2 weeks

Bolt x Markie pups 4 weeks

Bolt x Markie pups 5 weeks

Bolt x Markie pups 6 weeks

Bolt x Markie pups 7 weeks


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