Skyview's Troublemaker "Trouble" ~~~~~~~

Our second generation, Trouble is a daughter of Miss Grey  and Count.   Like her brother, Rocky, she was 30 inches tall by 10 months of age.  She is a beautiful girl.  Like her mother, her bond goes deep.  She is protective at home, but friendly and welcoming after a proper introduction.  Her hips are OFA good and elbows are OFA normal.  She has a correct working temperament and is gentle with the sheep. 

Nothing but Trouble here...

That is pretty cute... Trouble at 2 weeks with her eyes open

Trouble one day old

Trouble at one week

Trouble at 6 weeks

Trouble at six weeks

Trouble at two months

Major cuteness - learning to gait

Pretty little feet..

Trouble at five months

Trouble at 8 months

Trouble at 9 months

Beautiful front and beautiful rear

Love that face!  

anatolian shepherd dog - trouble
Trouble in March 2015 - a big girl!!

anatolian shepherd dog - Trouble

A mature looking Trouble!!!

She is also a great mother!

Pups one week

Pups two weeks

Pups five weeks

Pups six weeks

Pups seven weeks