Anatolian Puppies Expected!!!! ~~~~
See below! 


We are planning another exciting litter!!  We breed for excellence in the whole dog - temperament, structure and working ability.  Contact us for more information on upcoming litters.


CH Skyview's Aloysius in March 2018


Aloysius taking Breed in Florida

GCH Skyview's Aloysius and Bryngyld New Boots of Skyview ("Boots") had sixteen gorgeous puppies.  All pups are in their new homes.  Pictures: Aloysius x Boots litter

We will announce our next breeding shortly.  Stay tuned!!!!! 


Please call Catherine at 804-263-6270, or e-mail for more information and to reserve your Skyview puppy! 

We sometimes have adult Anatolians available.  Please contact me for more information!

Available adults:

Lakota has been placed with two veterinarians!!  He hit the jackpot for a loving home. 

However, we have a five year old female available to the right companion home.  Contact me for more info!


A few puppy updates...

Blair Anatolian Shepherd

Blair hiking in the mountains

Nisah Anatolian shepherd

Nisah in the snow

Anatolian guarding chickens

Nisah and her chickens

anatolian pup

Bentley at 5 months


Nola (Count x Pie) and Bentley (Rootie x Maggie)

Turk - Anatolian pup

Turk (Cinder x Count) with his new mom

Anatolian shepherd puppy

Reina (Count x Cinder) at 13 weeks

For even more new pictures from owners - see link below for page 4 just created!


Anatolian shepherd puppies

Nisah and her kids

anatolian pups

Bey and Sawyer

anatolian shepherd pup

Titan and Declan

Anatolian shepherd dog

Jake and his kids doing homework.  Jake guards a horse 90 acre horse farm and has two coyote kills under his belt.  His owner said they haven't had a deer or coyote around the farm in three years.  Jake is a Duke son, 6 years old.  He watches over all children.

Anatolian shepherd

Bey and Sawyer

Anatolian shepherd pups

Bo and El - siblings now guarding a horse farm

anatolian shepherd pups

Kingston graduating puppy class!!

anatolian shepherd pup

Kingston by the fireplace

anatolian shepherd

Nisah doing laundry.  She helps her mom around the house.  However, she won't fit in that basket anymore.

anatolian shepherd

Juno in December 2014.  Juno is a sister to Angel, who won BOS at Westminster KC in February 2015.

anatolian shepherd

Juno at 21 months. 


anatolian and kid 
Barley (Inci x Prowler) as a wee pup and at 11 months with his boy.  

Bey (Grey and Count) at Christmas waiting for Santa with Sam
(the x-pen around the Christmas tree is a great idea!)

Bentley (Hilda x Count) guarding his new addition to the family!  He is 3 years old in this picture.

Juno (Sally x Count) at one of her first shows. I had the pleasure of presenting her to the judge.

Orion (Grey x Count) at 10 months 

anatolian pup

Oz (Inci x Prowler) with his girl ... the picture has a neat effect like it has been painted 

Galen (Duke x Pie) enjoying a fall day.



Duke doesn't look at you - he looks in you. 



Past litters below

"It is hard to be this cute all the time..." - Pie x Count Puppies

Pie and Count puppy update 9-25-11!!!

Pie and Count puppy update 10-9-11!!!

Inci and Count puppy update 10-31-11

Pictures below are from Miss Grey's 2012 litter:

Grey and Prowler pups at 33 days old!!!!

Grey and Prowler pups 5 weeks and 6 days old!!!!

Grey and Prowler pups 6 weeks and 5 days old!!!!

Pictures below are from Miss Grey's 2013 litter:

Count and Grey pups at 4 weeks old!!!!

Grey and Count pups at 5 weeks

Grey and Count pups at 6 weeks!!!

Count and Grey pups at 7 weeks!!!

Pictures below are from Tessa's 2014 litter:

Tessa x Sahmi pups 30 days!!!

Tessa x Sahmi pups 5 weeks and 2 days!!!!

Tessa and Sahmi pups 6 weeks 2 days!!!!

Pictures below are from Markie's 2014 litter:

Markie x Rootie pups 2014

Pictures below are from Maggie's 2015 litter:

Maggie x Rootie pups 2015



Funny story - I was in the barn and one of those HUGE spiders descended from the rafters and jumped on me (or either I walked into it while it was hanging there) and I started screaming and hopping around like any normal person would do.  The Border Collies that were with me cleared out - whatever had me - well it could have me.  The horses didn't budge as they are used to me flailing about.  However, Pie comes charging out of no where - hair standing on end, teeth bared,  growling and she started circling me looking for what was after me - because whatever it was she was going to take care of it.  Pie earned a lot of points with me that day.  She had no idea what the threat was - but she heard me screaming in distress and came to my rescue ready to take action.  What a girl!  By that point I had forgotten about the spider.

Ruya and Inci (at 11 weeks old) playing with Uncle Duke!

Here are some pictures and updates from new owners:
Puppy updates - Page ONE!
through 12-27-09
Puppy updates - Page TWO!
updated 7-25-10
Puppy updates - Page THREE!
updated 2-13-11
Puppy updates - Page FOUR!

Count's Kids - 2011 Litters

Kizzie (Duke x Pie) on 9-18-10

Kizzie's Story

Some of the kids...

Bosca, a Hilda daughter, with her chickens (over 900 of them.)

...she enjoys her job!

Ayla - a Sally daughter with one of her charges! 

Bedia - a Duke and Sally daughter with one of her charges!

Ayla at the County Fair in August 2011

Elwood - A Duke and Sally son Oct 2011 - 140 pounds at maturity.

The big male on the left is a Duke x Sally son, Rainie.  The puppy in the middle is another Duke son, Gunnar - they live in the same neighborhood!


Our puppies are sold with a contract only and they come with a health guarantee.  Hips are guaranteed to 30 months old and if your dog does not receive an OFA rating, you get part of the purchase price refunded to you.

Our puppies are socialized from birth.  It is our experience that puppies who are happy and comfortable with humans become confident, well-adjusted adults. 

Each Anatolian we use for breeding has correct conformation, has hip evaluations and their temperaments tested.  Litters planned at Skyview are for improving and continuing the breed.  Our goal is to raise versatile and high-functioning dogs and pair them with the right owners.  Puppies will be temperament tested and we will strive to make suitable placements for each one.   We will ask questions of prospective owners to determine the best fit for the owner and puppy.  Visitors are welcome by appointment to meet the dogs and talk Anatolian!  (There are very nice hotels, wonderful restaurants and one of the largest open-air shopping malls on the East Coast about 20 minutes from the farm.)

Breeder support is available for the life of your puppy. 

Puppies are AKC registered.   

Puppies can be picked up in person after 8 weeks of age.  We enjoy seeing our pups off with their new owners!  If you can't easily drive to us, our farm is convenient to Richmond International Airport and puppies can fly with new owners on most airlines. 

If for any reason in the future you can’t keep your puppy (dog) then you may return him.  I don’t want any of the Skyview dogs ending up in a shelter, rescue or pound. 

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