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Albert worked in golf course management for 22 years.  He oversaw the rebuilding/building of two courses.  During this time he had the pleasure of using a trained Border Collie to keep geese off a course.  When he left the golfing industry - he didn't miss the golf course, but he missed working with the dogs, which is how Skyview Border Collies got started!   Albert enjoys training and working the dogs.


Catherine is a CPA and published author.  She has degrees in Economics and Accounting from James Madison University and Virginia Commonwealth University, respectively.  Her work background includes insurance, real estate and accounting.  As a  life-long horsewoman who has ridden since she was 8, Catherine wrote Horse Economics, a personal finance guide for the horse owner, which was published in 2005.  The book is available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon.com, Tractor Supply stores and booksellers nationwide.  She admires the Border Collie for their intelligence and working ability and does all of the basic training on the young dogs.  She also handles the Border Collies and intends on sheep dog trialing in the future.  Her fascination with Anatolians began years ago when she was researching for her next dog, a replacement for Fuzzatwo - a remarkable 110 pound mix breed who was protective, yet gentle and incredibly smart.  The Anatolians just fit the bill nicely - beautiful, powerful, loving and smart!  (Not to mention the low-maintenance coat and no drooling!)   


Catherine also enjoys helping people learn about their puppies/dogs and how to handle them.  Her open and straight-forward style of communication, sprinkled with a good sense of humor, allows people to get the information they need and learn techniques that they can take home with them.  


We are members of the ASDCA, ABCA, and the VBCA.


Thank you for visiting our sites.  Please contact us for with any questions you may have!!


For Anatolian and Border Collie puppies contact Catherine at catherine@skyviewanatolians.com or by telephone (804) 263-6270.


For goose control with Border Collies contact Albert at albert@skyviewgoosecontrol.com or by telephone (804) 399-9670.



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