Skyview's Reina
Reina means "Queen" in Spanish, so quite fitting for a daughter of Cinder (Cinderella) and granddaughter of THE Queen, Miss Grey!!  Reina's sire is our Champion Count!!  Reina is another one of those wicked smart dogs.  She had some bad experiences as a young pup, which she overcame.   She is very sweet, loving and protective of me.  She is reserved with strangers at home, but greets people readily away from home, like Duke.  She is the dog I travel with - I can take her anywhere.  She is quite vigilant, but also very pleasant - she has my back and I have hers.  Her growl reminds me of Duke's - like a Harley motorcycle - low and powerful, you feel and hear it.  Reina's hips are OFA good and elbows normal.  Thyroid is normal too.  She is a beautiful girl with an exquisite mask.  I adore her.  

Reina at 4 weeks

Reina at 4 weeks

Reina at four weeks

Duke and Reina

Duke doesn't realize she is about to bite down...but she does - look at her eyes.

She loved her Duke.  

Reina at 10 months

Reina at 10 months

Reina winning a major in early 2017.

Reina 2018 after having her leg sutured for a nasty cut.  

Still gorgeous while rocking a bandage

What bandage Mom??

Reina in December 2019

love her expression

Reina - May 2020

Georgia (Russell Terrier puppy) has claimed Reina as her own.  May 2020

Reina says "I don't know why I like this yappy little dog..."

Reina was out of a litter of two pups.  Her brother, Turk, is a beloved family member in Savannah GA.  

Two well fed puppies!

Turk, Reina's brother with his family member

He has his mom's head!

He loves the wide railing on their porch.  

Reina pups