CH. Turkay's Count of Skyview (Count) ~~

What a sweetie!!  Count came to Skyview in early 2009 as a wee puppy.  At over 160 pounds and taller than 33" at the shoulder (and still filling out), he isn't a wee one anymore.  Count has an excellent attitude, he is gentle with people and animals alike.  He will tolerate being adored for hours by complete strangers.  He is powerful, smart and loves his family!  He earned his Championship at 18 months of age.  Count is OFA good and thyroid normal and he has proven himself to be a wonderful stud dog.  He has produced numerous Champions.  Some of his offspring can be seen here:  Count's kids

Champion Count!

Count and his personal protector, Duke!  

Duke is such a good boy!  Here he is looking after his little charge!  (Count at 11 months was taller than Duke, who is close to 32inches tall!)

Duke babysitting little Count in his crate.  

Count in April 2009 at 4 months.  

Getting a hug from mom!

Count at 8 months!!!  Woo Hooo!!!!! Look out - I might not be able to stop!!!

"EEEEEWWWWW  It kissed me!!!!!!"  - Count

"These Border Collies sure are cute!"

Count and buddy, Lass.  Count is 8 months in this picture.

Count at 8 weeks - who says you can't learn to stack on the kitchen table???

Count 8 months.

Count at his first show (6 months old) with Dad!  

Count at 9 months in Pinehurst.  

"Okay, Okay - I am looking pretty!"

"It is 90 some degrees out here ... I am trotting as fast as I can!!"

Snow Count - 12 months old!

This stuff is fun!

"It is on my nose!  Get it off!!!"

Count - 12 months

Count at Pinehurst at 9 months old winning "Best Puppy" and a Puppy Group 4 placement!!

Count showed well in December 2009!  He took Winners Dog, Best of Winners and took
Best of Breed over a large entry including two specials for a 5 point major win!!!!  
We are very proud of him!  Thank you Victoria Jordan for this win!


More candid Count pictures below!

April 2010

March 2010

Helping Dad with chores!

Okay - maybe not helping Dad with chores...

One airborne puppy!

Can I have some grain too?  

"Dad's got my toy!" - Count

Okay - Al is 6'2" tall - that is an agile puppy!

There is nothing touching the ground!

"Throw it already!!"

March brings mud and Virginia red clay!

Count in Raleigh, NC March 2010 - Boudreau is in front of him and Sally behind.   
He took a 4 pt major this day.  Thank you Paul Clas!

Below are pictures of Count taken 12-23-12 at 4 years old playing with Albert, which is usually a daily thing! Count is incredibly agile, and very careful with his mouth - no fingers were harmed in these photos!!!  =)   And who says guardians can't have fun??

Anatolian Shepherd Count at 4 years old
It looks like they are dancing.  

Anatolian Shepherd Dog - Skyview

Anatolian Shepherd - Count

"What are you doing Mom???"

Skyview Anatolians
Count pouncing - I would not want to be that ball!

Skyview Anatolians
"Okay Al - your move" - Count

Skyview Anatolians

Count - 4 years Anatolian Shepherd

Skyview Anatolians
Nothing is touching the ground!

Skyview Anatolians - Count

Skyview Anatolians

Skyview Anatolians
Like any good player - Count keeps his eye on the ball!

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