CH Skyview's X Marks the Spot (Markie) ~~~~

Markie - anatolian shepherd 18 months

Skyview's second generation, Markie is a powerhouse of a girl. She is a daughter of Inci and Count and littermate to Tessa.  Being one of ten pups, I had marked her with a sharpie and put an "x" on her butt when she was born so I could keep track of her in the sea of fawns.  Hence the name "Markie".  She is smart, fast and oh so powerful.  She is stunning to look at and loves her people.  She is also very protective of her farm, and her warning bark lets offending animals know, "don't try anything stupid."  She easily finished her Championship by 15 months and we look forward to her future!  Her hips are OFA good. 

Markie as a wee pup...

Markie at 12 weeks - anatolian shepherd
Markie at 12 weeks old.

markie another at 12 weeks
Another 12 week old picture

markie 9 monthd
Markie at 9 months

markie at 13 months - skyview anatolians
Markie at 13 months gaiting with Albert

markie - skyview anatolians
Markie by the barn - 13 months

Markie skyview anatolians
What a beautiful head - feminine yet powerful!

markie bob skyview anatolians
Markie taking Best of Breed at 9 months old!

markie bob
Markie 11 months taking Best of Breed

markie championship skyview anatolians
Markie earning her Championship at 15 months! 
(Handled by Paul Clas, Jr. this time!)

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