Skyview's Contessa "Tessa" ~~~~

(Tessa is on the right...)

Tessa is a beautiful, smart, sweet, and extremely agile Anatolian.  (Yes, we have even done some agility training).  She is a daughter of Count  and Inci, and a littermate to Markie.  She floats when she moves - she glides effortlessly.  Her hips are OFA excellent.  She has a wonderful sense of humor and her gaze holds a power that will just make you watch her.  She is a great guardian.  She can be reserved with some strangers, and others she will greet as if she has known them all her life.  She loves her people and her bond is deep.  She was one of the snugglers in her litter.  I would pick her up and she would just snuggle up and put her head against my shoulder.  She still does. 

Tessa and Albert

Tessa and Duke

Tessa and littermates, Markie and Silver (Tessa in front)

Tessa 12 weeks

12 weeks

7 months

10 months

10 months

13 months

Gaiting with Albert - 13 months

16 months

16 months

Love those eyes...

November 2013

Gaiting with Albert November 2013

Tessa Feb 2014

Tessa in February 2014 - a beautiful mature girl now!

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