Skyview's  Inci ~

Inci at 18.5 months

More pictures of Inci!

Inci and Ruya were from the Hilda and CH. Full Circle's Sasquatch litter born January 10, 2009.  They have delightful temperaments and wonderful structure.  Ruya (Dream in Turkish) owns the world and everything in it.  Inci (Pearl in Turkish) takes a slightly more reserved approach than her sister, but is equally engaging and loving.  Duke took it upon himself to raise the girls since they were 8 weeks of age.  He was (and is) incredibly tolerant and allowed himself to be chewed on, pounced on and chased on a daily basis.  

The girls started their show career at six months of age and I am quite pleased with their progress!  Inci has won "Best Puppy" at several shows and at nine months of age won a four-point major!  Ruya has also earned a four-point major!  Their mom also did well in 2009 and ended up in the top 20 Anatolians by breed for AKC for the 2009!  

Ruya is now guarding goats and her very own chicken for Cynthia on her farm in Virginia.    

Duke and the girls at 9 weeks

Duke and the girls at 12 weeks


Ruya at 7 weeks

Inci at 8 weeks

Inci at 5 months

Ruya at 6 1/2 months

Ruya at 6 1/2 months

Ruya at 6 months with Al

Inci at nine months!                                                                                    Ruya at 8 months!

Ruya at nine months winning a four-point major!!!  Thank you John Laky for handling her!

Inci taking Winners at Virginia Beach in October!!  Thank you Paul Clas for handling her!  
She also took Winners for another 4 point major at Tidewater in December 2009!!

Except for the black nose we could lose her in all that snow!!!  (December 2009)

Ruya in March 2010 - on duty!

Ruya at 14 months

Inci's daughter Party


Inci at 10 years old!! 
(Picture from Krysten)
She is living the life of luxury with Kent and Krysten.  She was Cheryl's special girl.

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