On November 4th & 5th, 2006, at the ripe old age of six months, Duke entered his first two shows and earned 4 points.  He took Winners Dog and Best of Opposite Sex both days!!

Duke took Best of Breed at the Greater Fredericksburg Kennel Club show April 6, 2007, the Chesapeake Virginia Dog Fanciers Association show April 28, 2007 and the Mattaponi Kennel Club show May 19, 2007 as well!

At the Anatolian Shepherd Dog Club of America (ASDCA) Regional Specialty in Harrisburg, PA on April 14, 2007, he won Best Puppy in Sweepstakes and then won Winners Dog and Best of Winners for a 5 point major. 

Duke finished his Championship at the Virginia Kennel Club show Saturday, June 23, 2007 by taking Winners Dog, Best of Winners and Best of Breed over a special for a 4 point major win!  On Sunday, he remained in the regular classes, but he was a little tired and took Winners Dog and Best of Opposite Sex for another major win. 

Duke is in the top 25 in the Nation for his breed and as of June 29, 2007 was ranked 9th by the AKC. By October 15, 2007, Duke was ranked 6th!

Duke is now in training to compete in Rally classes.  (A fun type of obedience competition similar to "Simon Says" for dogs)

Duke has a wonderful temperament, good manners and is very gentle with people and smaller animals.  He was easy to housebreak as a puppy, loves to go places and meet people and generally is a delight to be around.  He is protective of the farm and will bark a warning when something is amiss.  He keeps the other animals in line – if one starts being too rough with another, he intervenes and order is restored!  He is the personal guard dog of my West Highland White terrier, Teddy, and the Border Collie puppy, Pig, is his little buddy. 

Duke has excellent conformation.  He has good bone, a nice topline, wonderful movement and a very pretty head.  He is the breed standard.  His hips are OFA Good.

"I hate it when she does this...."                                                                                    Duke at 5 1/2 months old.



Duke at his first show!                                                                                                    VKC show June 2007!



In the Group Ring at VKC                                                                               "What do you mean I can´t sit on Grandpa???"

"We need a bigger sofa!"


Duke winning his Championship and Best of Breed in June 2007 with Shannon White, my friend and trainer handling him.











Duke at Warrenton Kennel Club September 2007 taking Best of Breed

Duke at Virginia Kennel Club June 2008!

Duke and his flock April 2009

Duke at Skyline KC in June 2009 taking Best of Breed.

Duke at Skyline again!

Duke at Warrenton KC 2010 shows.  He took Best of Breed on Friday and Select Champion on Saturday!

Duke in Summer 2012

Duke - an amazing boy!

Duke Best Veteran

Duke wins Best Veteran at the Regional Specialty in 2014!!!

Duke moving

Duke can still move at 8+ years!!!


Duke stacked

Duke - beautiful boy!!

Duke's daughter "Maggie"

Duke - Anatolian Shepherd

Duke at 9+ years letting a passing dog know "Don't come on this farm!!!" 

Duke at almost 11 years old. 

Duke and his grandson, Percy.  More pictures of them here:  Percy 9 months and Duke

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