CH. Skyview's Magnificent Tekil Bayan "Maggie" ~~~~

maggie anatolian shepherd

Maggie at 3 years old

Maggie is a daughter of Duke and Sally.  She got the best of both parents!  She is very loving and sweet, and an excellent guardian.  Her temperament is unflappable and we can take her anywhere - she is just a happy girl.  She is built well and her movement is fluid.  She has wonderful bone and good size.  Maggie's hips are OFA good. 

maggie anatolian shepherd


Maggie was placed at 6 months of age and fortunately, she came back to us at 3 years of age.  Maggie went to her first dog shows the weekend of January 11th and 12th and she took Best of Breed both days and earned two 5 point major wins!!!  She finished her AKC Championship in June 2014!!! 

maggie - anatolian

Above is a picture of Maggie in the Working Group with Shannon White! 

maggie anatolian - best of breed

Maggie at her first dog show!

Maggie Best of Breed

Maggie at her second dog show! 

anatolian shepherd dog

Maggie with Albert November 2014

Anatolian shepherd with sheep


Some older pictures....

Maggie 6 months

Maggie at 6 months



Maggie as a pup - March 2011


Maggie was a big pup!

Maggie and Sally

Maggie and mom

Maggie - walking
Maggie - learning to walk

Maggie's first Litter:

Maggie 2015 pups 2 weeks  

Maggie 2015 pups 4 weeks  

Maggie 2015 pups 5 weeks

Maggie 2015 pups 7 weeks

Jaffa x Maggie Litter:

Jaffa x Maggie pups one week

Jaffa x Maggie pups weeks two and three

Jaffa x Maggie pups weeks four and five

Jaffa x Maggie pups 6 weeks

Jaffa x Maggie pups 7 weeks

Beau pups one week

Beau pups week two

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