Skyview's Get the Party Started ~~~

Party is a daughter of Inci and CH Tamoora's Night Prowler.  She is second generation Skyview.  She has OFA Excellent hips and Elbows are Normal. She is excellent with the sheep.  She is gentle and loves the barn cat.  (Not everybody loves the barn cat...) She is reserved with strangers and prefers to stay in the field, which is appropriate and perfectly fine for a livestock guardian. However with her people, she is fun and loving.  She is even kind with other dogs and even Border Collies who break into her field (they are our Border Collies) and she even corners them until we can catch them.  Smart girl.  She has done this three times.  

Inci and her pups including Party - day one

Party - day one

Sleeping on mom


Party at 3 weeks

Party at 5 weeks

Party at 6 weeks

at 6 weeks

Beautiful stack

Beautiful front

Beautiful rear

Party at six months (a tad high in the rear LOL)

Party at 6 months

March 2014

March 2015

January 2016

Hey come here!

January 2016

January 2016

January 2016

Tessa, Party and Trouble January 2017

Trouble and Party January 2017

The following pictures are from Christmas Day 2017:

mature looking at 4 1/2 years

Look out Albert - she is coming!

Gently taking that treat

She has wonderful movement - loose lead, natural carriage

Party- always protecting even when snow smacks her in the face.