Polly ~~~~~~

Polly is a daughter of Skyview's Bolt (and therefore a granddaughter of Miss Grey!) and Sunny Daze Ruya Dolu.  Polly is gorgeous with the rare pinto markings - but her coat has remained a deep color and her mask black.  She is a powerhouse of a dog and very very smart.  (As in will open all latches and doors kind of smart - the Miss Grey kind of smart.  She learns through osmosis and watching.)  Polly has a wonderful temperament and she is very gentle with strangers.  We can take her anywhere.  She is OFA good for hips and elbows and thyroid OFA normal.  

So much behind those eyes!

She was an adorable puppy!

Polly at 8 weeks (ignore my back brace - this was after surgery)

Polly 8 weeks

10 weeks - the ball is as big as she is

Polly in July 2016

Polly makes friends where ever she goes - at a dog show 2017

Good girl Polly...

Pictured at 1 year old - Polly flies when she trots

Polly in December 2015

Polly January 2017

Polly in July 2017

July 2017

I love her coat - the rich mahogany color against the bright white

Polly's first litter:
Polly & Fred pups at 2 days

Polly & Fred pups at one week

Polly & Fred pups at two weeks

Polly & Fred pups at three weeks

Polly & Fred pups at four weeks

Polly & Fred pups at five weeks

Polly & Fred pups at six weeks

Polly & Fred pups at seven weeks