Skyview's Nigel
Nigel aka "the snuggler" - he snuggled with me from the time he was born.  I would pick him up and he was just content to stay in my hands and under my chin.  This continued until he was too big to pick up.  Now, he lays across my lap or if I am standing up, he leans into me with all his weight.  If I move, he falls over.  Nigel is gorgeous - he has his father's head and he is a dark brindle with flashy white markings.  His chest and layback of shoulder is lovely.  He is an easy going chap with a kind and gentle personality.  He is protective of me, but that goes with the bond we have.  It has taken him a good two years to mature and come into his own.  He is becoming the dog at two years, what I saw at eight weeks.  He passed his health testing and is OFA good for hips and elbows normal.  We are excited for the future!

Nigel was one of 16 puppies in the Aloysius x Boots litter!!  What a wonderful litter that was - it was like three in one, a brindle litter, a fawn litter and a pinto litter.  He is a littermate to Brooke

17 weeks

Nigel and Brooke

17 weeks

Nigel 9 months

10 months

He is a stunning dog. (a completely unbiased opinion)

"On my way mom!"

Sweet moment with Albert...
April 2023