Boots -
Bryngyld New Boots of Skyview "Boots" was born January 1, 2015.  She is a beautiful brindle with a black mask.  She has a sweet and gentle temperament with people and animals.  She was co-owned for a while and lived in Maryland as a full-time goat guardian for over two years.  She has returned to Skyview.  Her hips are OFA Excellent, elbows normal and thyroid normal.  Both her parents are working livestock guardians in California.  She has an excellent working temperament. She is also beautifully put together and moves very well.  We are very glad to have her back with us.  

Pretty little Boots.  

Boots at 10 months

Boots at 10 months - all legs!

Boots and Bolt's daughter Siri (RIP).  Boots was 12 months in this picture.

Boots at 1 year

Boots at 3 years of age.  

Boots at 3 years 

Boots watching over her goats.  

More pictures to come...

Terrific Two