Skyview's Brooke
Brooke has a wonderful, sweet, easy personality.  She likes her goats, and she is gentle with other animals and dogs.  Brooke is so gentle and friendly when we are out and about, I never really thought she would protect against any human threats.  She proved me wrong one dog show weekend, where the hotels were in a rough area of the city.  It was late at night and my husband and I were walking the dogs, and a group of about eight teens/early twenties walked up from the road the other hotels were on.  My first thought was, "man I wish I had Duke (deceased) or Reina (at home) or Nazik (at home) with me." But she must have sensed they were drunk and I was uneasy, because my huge muffin of a girl, stepped in front of me, squared off, raised the hair on her back, and went into guard mode with deep growls and several huge barks.  She got their attention so they kept on walking until one of them threw up in the  Marriott's bushes.  I whispered to her "GOOD girl" and we carried on and quickly returned to the hotel.  She had never barked at anyone away from home before.  At home, she will announce someone's arrival and is reserved at first greeting, but away from home, she is a love.

She is huge - as my handler's daughter put it, "Great Dane size" and they breed Danes.  She is about 130 lbs lean.  Her movement is effortless.  She completed her health testing at two and she is OFA good for hips, elbows normal.  

Brooke was one of 16 puppies in the Aloysius x Boots litter!!  What a wonderful litter that was - it was like three in one, a brindle litter, a fawn litter and a pinto litter.  She is a littermate to Nigel

Approximately five weeks

Approximately 6 weeks

Approximately 7 weeks

Nigel and Brooke

She is still taller than Nigel

First puppy match

First show

About nine months old

A more mature looking Brooke

"I know you have a treat in that hand behind your back"

Finally we went to a dog show!

Brooke April 2023