Skyview's Jayda ~~~~~~~~~~

Jayda is Skyview's third generation - we bred her mother, Tessa and her grandmother, Inci.
Jayda's sire is CH Tamoora's Samimi Ayi, Gypsy ("Sahmi").  She is incredibly sweet and very intuitive - very much like her mother.   She also has a good sense of humor.  She moves like running water - very fluid.  She is very protective of her farm and humans, yet loving and kind.  She is just a good one.  Her hips are OFA excellent and her elbows are normal.  

Jayda at 4 weeks

Jayda at 5 weeks

Jayda at 6 weeks

Jayda at 8 weeks

Jayda and Albert

Jayda at 13 weeks

13 weeks

Jayda at 15 months with a "few" toys

15 months

Jayda earning points towards her Championship

Jayda at 2 years -- "Oooo a little more to the right..."

Jayda at two years.