Pie is my social butterfly.  Nothing phases her and she can walk into a room full of strangers, work the room like a politician and everybody loves her.  She is also a wiley one - she can learn just by watching somebody doing something. "Oh, this is how I can turn the knob on the front door to open it."  "Oh, this is where they keep the pig ears - I will just get some for myself later."  Training Pie was more like an exercise in how not to train Pie.  The hamster on her wheel (brain) is always running and she keeps us on our toes.  She is a sweetheart though and always tries to do her best.  She is a neat, clean dog and was housebroken from day one.  She is wonderful with all of the other animals (dogs, horses, sheep, cat, ducks) and is very watchful of her farm.   Her offspring have made wonderful family companions, guardians and show dogs!



Pie as a puppy

    Clockwise from left:  Duke, Sally and Pie 




"Oh let's get this over with" - Pie  



 Stacked and ready for the judge!


Pie in June 2008 with Penny!