CH Nazik du Bonnie Blue Flag -

Our French import from renowned breeder Anne Hupel.  He was imported in January 2018 at 10 weeks of age!  He is an absolute sweetheart.  He is also enormous now LOL standing 33" at the shoulder and still filling out.  
Nazik is an AKC Champion, hips OFA Good, elbows and thyroid normal!!   Nazik is an excellent example of the breed and represents genetic diversity as a complete outcross to most Anatolians in the USA.  He is available at stud to approved bitches only.  Link to his sister's page:  NIKAIA   

Nazik at 10 weeks (January 2018)

More 10 week pictures:

Nazik in the snow at 20 weeks

Nazik at 6 months

Nazik - 6 months

Love this photo - nothing is touching the ground (6 months)

A massive puppy

Nazik at 10 months

Nazik in July 2018

Nazik's AKC achievement award!

Nazik at 12 months with his handler Greg Strong.  

Another at 12 months - he moves with power and ease

Nazik's breed win at 12 months

Nazik 13 months - still more growing to do!

Nazik with a major win with Brittany Cipriotti.  

Nazik earned his championship in June 2019!!

More pictures to come!!!

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