Nazik du Bonnie Blue Flag - our French import from renowned breeder Anne Hupel.  He was imported in January 2018 at 10 weeks of age!  He is a sweetheart.  He is also enormous now LOL.  Nazik is now an AKC Champion!!   Link to his sister's page:  NIKAIA   

Nazik at 10 weeks (January 2018)

More 10 week pictures:

Nazik in the snow at 20 weeks

Nazik at 6 months

Nazik - 6 months

Love this photo - nothing is touching the ground (6 months)

A massive puppy

Nazik at 10 months

Nazik in July 2018

Nazik's AKC achievement award!

Nazik at 12 months with his handler Greg Strong.  

Another at 12 months - he moves with power and ease

Nazik's breed win at 12 months

Nazik 13 months - still more growing to do!

Nazik with a major win with Brittany Cipriotti.  

Nazik earned his championship in June 2019!!

More pictures to come!!!

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