Pappy - ABCA registered Border Collie male, 4 1/2 years old.   We purchased Pappy from David Henry who acquired him from Richard Brandon.   I am blown away with Pappy - he has the heart that rivals Jill and Judy (both gone but not forgotten).  He is the calmest, happiest Border Collie male I have ever met.  He is a true gem.  He is also built like a tank with beautiful structure.  We will be doing his health testing shortly.  

Here are a few videos:
Note, videos may take a while to download.

Pappy video - outrun

Pappy video 2

Pappy 4 1/2 years old in June 2020

Pappy is learning the ropes as a goose dog!  He is a natural.

Whoops - line fail

Nothing phases him

Happy Pappy - in March 2020 after he just arrived.

This picture says everything - Pappy and Albert

Pappy has the sweetest temperament and is built like a tank.