Frederick of Skyview "Fred" ~~~~~

Fred comes from Turkish import lines.  He was on a farm with goats and we had the pleasure of purchasing him at 7 months old.  His temperament is grand - he loves people and is a fantastic breed ambassador.  He is beautifully put together and has wonderful movement.  He runs like the wind.  All who meet him end up adoring him - he just is a genuinely good dog. He is protective of the farm and its inhabitants and he is wonderful with sheep.  He is AKC registered and his hips, elbows and thyroid are OFA Certified.  

Fred at 7 months

7 months gaiting with Albert

7 months

Dynamite front for a 7 month old.  

Fred, Spring 2015 (excuse the blowing of coat)

Fred, April 2015

Fred Fall 2015

Fall 2015

Fall 2015

Fall 2015

Fred - early 2016

Snow Storm 2016

Pictures below early September 2016:

Pure power

This dog can run....

Fred in October 2016

Fred has wonderful structure.

More pictures to come.....

Fred is registered with the American Kennel Club and the ASDCA.