Ebru in Turkish means marbled art.  Ebru, or "Bru" as we call her, is certainly as beautiful as a piece of art.  
I saw her for sale on a farm in the mountains about 6 hours away and she was worth the trip out.  She is reserved with strangers, as many Anatolians are especially on their "home turf", but she is the sweetest girl and most willing to go for car rides, etc. When we are out, such as the vet's office, we get compliments on her for her beauty and how well behaved she is.  

Her hips are OFA good, elbows normal and her thyroid is normal per the vet.  

Ebru at 4 months of age.  We got her when she was an older pup.

More four month pictures:

Pictures below at 8 months old:  

She is a beautiful mover.

Very elegant at 8 months old

Ebru at 2 years old in October 2018

The amber color makes her eyes look intense

Bru had her first litter with Aloysius!!

Puppies Day 1

Puppies 1 & 2 weeks

Puppies 4 weeks

Puppies 5 weeks

Puppies 6 & 7 weeks

More pics