Skyview's Pendergast aka "Carl"....

Carl was the cutest puppy in the history of puppies!!!  Hands down.  Well, except for his Dad, who was pretty cute and still is. To know Carl is to love Carl.   You cannot say his name without smiling.  His Dad is GCH Skyview's Aloysius and his mother is our French Import CH Nikaia du Bonnie Blue Flag.  His litter was phenomenal and include littermates BISS GCH CH Skyview's Pride and Joy of Lux, CH Skyview's Mercy Me of Lux, and Skyview's Samantha.  Carl is OFA good for hips and elbows normal.  


Carl's first snow

Carl in the show ring... what is up with the tongue?

Carl at 13 months

Carl at 11 months

Carl 11 months - beautiful angulation

snow Carl

Carl 12 months

Carl 12 months

Carl - he is standing in a hole, but I love the picture and his expression

Carl (12 months) and Albert

Carl at two years old

Mature Carl at two years