Welcome to Skyview Farm!

Home of Champion AKC Anatolian Shepherds and working ABCA Border Collies!!

Duke was ranked 10th for 2007 by the AKC for his Breed - in his first year of showing!!!  

Skyview had 2 in the top 20 for 2009!!!  Skyview had the #1 Anatolian in AKC for 2011!!!!

Skyview had the #1 Anatolian Dog for 2012 (with limited showing!)

Skyview has had dogs in the top 10 or 20 for many years now. 

Our stud Count sired the 2017 National Specialty Winner!!!

Aloysius was ranked #4 as of July 2018!!

(Babar pictured above at 6 months - photo by Kalena Phillips)



Breeder of Merit -emb

We are a Bronze Level Breeder of Merit!


We breed for excellence in the whole dog - temperament, structure and working ability.


party in snow

Party (2013 Prowler x Inci) in the snow


Many times our dogs are wanted for a higher purpose - a family guardian, a service dog. 

We take our placements seriously. 


Anatolian shepherd

Just a beautiful picture...

Theo in Canada (2011 Count x Pie)


Turk Anatolian

Turk with one of his charges

(2015 Count x Cinder)



Another of Turk - out boating with his people



Bey (2013 Count x Miss Grey)


 Bey the Movie

(I crack up when he rolls the dice)



Bey - these two make me smile - December 2018


Anatolian pup

Patience is a virtue - a Bolt pup



Czar (2013 Prowler x Inci)



Orion - human and dog pillow (2016 Bolt x Angel)



Yogi and friend (2009 Duke x Pie)



At Skyview we value genetic diversity.  We have imported a total of four dogs and have shipped frozen semen from across the country and around the globe.  Introducing our newest imports ~~~ Nazik and Nikaia!!!! They came to us from Anne Hupel in France in January 2018.   Nazik became a Champion in June 2019!!  Nikaia became a Champion in November 2019!!  Both have passed their health testing!!!  We are delighted to have the genetic diversity and excellent examples of the breed for our program. 



Nazik at 6 months - a beautiful French import


Nazik at 12 months

Nazik at 12 months - coming along nicely!!!!

Link to Nazik's page


Anatolian champion

Nazik pictured with Brittany Cipriotti for his Championship photo!!



Nikaia - Nazik's sister at 10 weeks - another lovely import



Nikaia at 11 months gaiting - both imports have beautiful movement

Link to Nikaia's page




Skyview's Newest Champion.....CH Skyview's Stella


Anatolian champion

Stella finishing in Florida January 2020!


Stella in Fall 2019 - she is a Rootie x Trouble pup. 




Skyview's Newest Grand Champion... and Award of Merit Winner at the 2018 National Specialty!!!


GCH CH Skyview's Aloysius




Aloysius in the snow at 20 months old


Aloysius snow

Another snow picture of Aloysius (Rootie x Trouble)

Link to Aloysius' page


Nigel - An Aloysius x Boot's son at 9 months


Nigel at 9 months


Nigel at almost 2

Nigel at almost 2 years old



Nigel - a beautiful brindle pictured December 2020





CH Skyview's Canan Melek "Angel" wins Best of Opposite Sex at Westminster KC in New York City, February 17, 2015!!  She is co-owned with Kalena Phillips. 

Angel - Anatolian Shepherd Dog

Angel was expertly handled by Paul Clas!

She is now a Grand Champion and International Champion as well!



Sapphire - anatolian shepherd


Skyview's Sapphire at 8 months taking Best of Winners in September 2016! 


sapphire anatolian

Congratulations to CH Skyview's Sapphire who finished in June 2017 at VKC. 

(Pictured above in January 2017 - always owner/breeder handled!)



A few to keep an eye on in the ring once shows resume...


Coco is Stella's littermate sister.  She is well on her way to finishing.


Brooke at 8 months.  She is an Aloysious x Boot's daughter.


Brooke at her first show at 9 months.


Brooke ASD

Brooke at her first show since COVID - January 2021



AKC CH. IABCA Nat'l & Int'l Ch. Skyview's A Night to Remember at HFO "Ziva"

She is a Bolt x Markie daughter, owned and loved by Teresa Rogowski





declan and titan

"You know that I am the safest kid on the planet, right?" 

- Declan, who is laying with his buddy Titan



rocky at 10 months

Rocky at 10 months (2013 Count x Miss Grey)



King anatolian shepherd

King (2014 Rootie x Markie) at 17 months


King - anatolian shepherd

King at 17 months





King at just over two years old.  Hips OFA excellent, elbows and thyroid normal.  






Duke - Best Veteran

Duke at the Regional Specialty in 2014





Skyview's Canan Melek "Angel" taking her 2nd 5 point major at nine months old!!!





Congratulations to CH Skyview's X Mark's the Spot!

Markie finished her Championship at 15 months old!


Markie anatolian puppy champ

Markie pictured at 18 months above

(Count x Inci)



Congratulations to CH Skyview's Aslan Halim, owned and loved by Edward and Kalena Phillips, and Connie Champlin, who finished his Championship November 9, 2013!!! 

He finished his Grand Championship in May 2014!!!!!


Babar - new GCH


Expertly handled by Paul Clas!



Congratulations again to GCH Skyview's Aslan Halim ("Babar") on his Bermuda Championship in October 2016!  Skyview's first International Champion!



(Yes they are both soaking wet - it was raining) 




Babar in harness

Babar sporting his Turkish harness 


Babar and Angel pictures in Bermuda by Kalena Phillips


Some fun pictures...



count anatolian  

Count playing with Albert  - photo by Suzy & Carey Redd - May 2013


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Skyview Farm is located in Virginia between the Cities of Richmond and Charlottesville.